Ryan Spak has a passion for Philadelphia’s neighborhoods, their history and its real estate. This passion, coupled with  fifteen years of entrepreneurial experience in building maintenance, construction and real estate development ignited his firm belief that no distressed property should ever remain in an inhabitable, unsafe condition.  

Because of his community development efforts, Ryan is a member of several boards and local committees, mentors through the JumpStart program and has been a guest speaker at National Conferences on Vacant Land  National Code Enforcement and the Philadelphia Poverty Conference.    Within his organization, Ryan focuses on property acquisition, joint venture partnerships, construction management  and financing for Spak Group. Over the past four years, Spak Group has organically tripled in size with 140+  residential / commercial units under management and another 71 units under construction, in development or  planning.   

Ryan loves being a resident of West Philadelphia, but even more, he loves being married to his wife, Jessica and  being a father to his daughter, Charlotte. When not engrossed in matters of brick, Ryan is a fanatical basketball  enthusiast, bleeds “Flyers” orange, loves saving animals from a cold Philly night, and is quite nuts over ‘80’s  memorabilia – especially movies and television shows!  

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