Ryan Enk’s goal is to show you how to have the freedom to live your life abundantly. He has what he calls his two epic binges in life. The first one was that of failure and the second was of success. Originally a teacher, Ryan started buying assets and real estate. He wholesaled, flipped, did multi-family, did apartments, built a two million dollar indoor sports arena, and then another one. Then he bought into commercial property and short-term vacation rentals. Ryan made enough money for his wife to quit her job as a nurse so she could spend more time with their five kids. He made enough passive income to fire himself as his own boss and he increased his net worth to over a million dollars in one year. Ryan travels all over the US with his family in an RV and a yacht and was able to buy his dream home on the river.

Today we will be talking about how Ryan turned undervalued hotels into apartment buildings.

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