Our special guest today is Jim Zaspel. Jim is an accomplished real estate investor and lifelong entrepreneur who has always believed in the adage: “when you stop learning, you start dying.” He is always learning and is always ready to challenge himself and take on new ideas.  

Jim is a huge fan of traveling because each new place offers so many opportunities that he would not ordinarily be able to try. He and his wife, who met at a real estate investor networking event, made the most of their honeymoon by spending ten days in Hawaii. One of Jim’s favorite memories of the trip was taking Maui’s backside road to Hana; the experience is a perfect example of how he enjoys taking the “road less traveled” and exploring beyond his comfort zone.  

Always striving for ways to balance his work, his entrepreneurship, and his hobbies, Jim frequently travels around the country with his wife and stepson and for real estate investing conferences. These opportunities allow him to network with industry experts and, at the same time, take an extra day or two to have fun in a new place. He enjoys renting motorcycles to explore these areas.  What enables Jim to constantly grow, learn, and travel is the flexibility of his business. While the foundation of the company is rock-solid, he can keep tabs on its day-to-day operations and can be run from almost anywhere; from emails to phone calls or FedEx deliveries, Jim can take his work with him. However, he also needs a team of dedicated specialists who can continue to run the business as he pursues his work-life balance. At the end of the day, Jim balances his real estate group, his entrepreneurship, and his outside interests by keeping one thing in mind: whatever you’re doing, give it 100%.  

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