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Looking for reliable and efficient virtual assistants to streamline your business operations? Look no further than our agency!

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in Cold-Calling, Real Estate Acquisitions, Sales, Bilingual Customer Service Reps, Transaction Coordination, Lead Nurturing, CRM Automations, and more! We serve various clients, ensuring that we have the expertise to handle any task that comes our way.

Whether you need help with administrative tasks, social media management, customer support, or any other aspect of your business, our virtual assistants are ready to tackle the job with precision and efficiency. We understand the importance of timely communication, accuracy, and attention to detail, which is why we make it our top priority to deliver exceptional service to each and every one of our clients.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable virtual assistant agency that can help take your business to the next level, look no further than our team.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Our team proficiently handles inquiries in English and in Spanish, ensuring clear and effective communication with a wider customer base. This service boosts customer satisfaction and expands your market reach.


We manage your day-to-day tasks like email correspondence, schedule coordination, and document management. This support frees up your time, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business and achieving your goals.


We handle time-consuming tasks like property listings, client communication, and appointment scheduling. This allows you to focus on closing deals and expanding your real estate ventures with efficiency.


We handle your social media accounts, crafting engaging content, managing interactions, and building your brand. This frees up your time to focus on your business, while we amplify your digital footprint.


Our all-in-one CRM solution allows you to manage your tools from one place; launching your own ads, managing your customer interactions, making it easy to track sales, improve communication, and offer better service. It’s designed to streamline your processes, so you can focus more on growing your business.


Feel the difference with easy workflow automation. Our team understands your business and creates simple, automated steps that make work faster, help your team work better together, and cut down on mistakes. This can save you thousands of $$$.


Boost your business with effective paid advertising. Our approach focuses on creating targeted ad campaigns that reach the right audience, increasing your visibility and driving sales. With our expertise, you’ll see a higher return on investment, making every ad dollar count.


Make your website more discoverable and rank on the 1st page of Google. Outrank your competitors and start growing organic traffic to your website.


Let our team of experts create stunning websites and funnels to optimize your online presence. We put together our years of experience to design high-converting sites and funnels.

Why Outsource My Life?

So what sets us apart from other outsourcing agencies?

Aside from offering the most value for your investment in today’s fluctuating market of service providers, Outsource My Life prides itself in being a top provider of Bilingual Virtual Professionals. We make it our goal to ensure the best outsourcing experience for new small businesses to industry veterans. We collaborate with the most advanced and reputable partners in the field, ensuring top-notch service quality.

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GET A PROPOSAL- Share About Your Project

This is where you will let us know about the project that you’re looking to complete, current pain points, your timeframe, budget, and ideas.


DISCOVERY CALL- We Learn More About Your Ideas

We have the opportunity to get to know more about you and your business. We will have a few follow-up questions regarding your project. This is also when we learn if we are a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for us.


PROPOSAL- Summary Of Work To Be Completed

After the initial interest form has been submitted and we have already done a discovery call with you, we will submit our proposal to you so that you can see the notes of what was discussed during the call and the strategies we would propose moving forward.

Our happy customers

Testimonial of Clients

Gopal chelmeti
Gopal chelmeti
June 3, 2024
Wonderful, was the experience I've had from Outsource My Life- Virtual Assistants. I highly recommend her services. I couldn't have expected further more from a recruiter. Very satisfied.
Konstantin Komkov
Konstantin Komkov
April 16, 2024
Great company!
Fady Darwish
Fady Darwish
February 27, 2024
Working as a real estate cold caller has been an incredibly rewarding journey. The position has not only honed my communication and negotiation skills but also offered me a unique insight into the real estate industry. The team's supportive nature and the comprehensive training provided have been instrumental in my success. Engaging with potential clients and helping connect them with the perfect property solutions has been fulfilling. This role has significantly contributed to my professional growth, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to excel in the real estate sector to work with Outsource My Life.
Mauricio Garcia
Mauricio Garcia
February 27, 2024
Super recommended. I hire my workforce from Outsource my life and it was the best investment I ever made!
Leslie Jane Daroca
Leslie Jane Daroca
January 5, 2024
Shipu Khan
Shipu Khan
December 31, 2023
I've had a highly enriching experience with the agency Outsource My Life. The collaborative environment, coupled with continuous learning opportunities, has been instrumental in my professional growth. The supportive team dynamics and innovative projects have made my time here both fulfilling and rewarding. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to hire virtual assistants.
Dustin Heffner
Dustin Heffner
December 20, 2023
Amazing at everything they do
Jen Reis
Jen Reis
December 19, 2023
It’s a pleasure working with Luis! He is very knowledgeable, and committed to helping your business grow. His reports are clear to understand, and he works to adjust based on your needs. Highly recommend!
Matt Giovinco
Matt Giovinco
October 12, 2023
They are the best. Got me a website at a reasonable price!
Judah Hoover
Judah Hoover
November 17, 2022
When you need outsourcing or virtual assistant services look no further. Luis and his team have a number of tools at their disposal that add to the efficiency of any organization.

Ready to learn how your business can be improved with trained virtual assistants?

A no sales 30 min chat to explore your business potential and see if we click. Ask away, learn, and consider the possibilities – zero pressure.

Frequently Asked

You are welcome to review our additional services at any moment to see which ones suit your business best. Once you are ready to move forward, you can fill out the Contact Us form. 

Since we offer different services and every business is not the same, a discovery call is where we get to hear from you about your business

Here’s a list of questions for you to think about before we meet: 

Do you have a logo?

Do you have a website?

  • If you don’t have a website but would like one, what would be its purpose?
  • If you have a website, are you happy with its design and content? Is your current website generating you new leads?

Do you have a social media presence?

Do you feel that you are spending too much time doing back-end tasks and not adding additional value to your business? 

What types of problems is your business having?

What has been working well for your business?

These are some of the questions that we go over during our discovery call. This is where we can identify if we will be a good fit for you and vice versa. 

Worst case scenario after our call: you walk away with some free actionable steps that you can implement in your business without any of our assistance. 

Best case scenario: we are able to work with you to help you free up time to do the things you love, increase revenue in your business, and maximize impact in your community.

Any modifications to the scope of work not listed in the original agreement will include an updated contract and fee schedule. 

All projects will start after exhibit A has been completed,  the service agreement signed, all necessary materials for the project have been submitted, and payment has been received.

Although we have base packages that are based on the fundamentals that each business needs, there is no one size fits all formula. All of the services beyond the basic plans vary depending on each businesses unique needs, goals, budgets, and timeframes.

We prefer to work with businesses that already have a marketing budget in place.

Not sure what you can afford? That’s ok. Let’s talk!

Virtual Assistant
Services FAQ

A virtual assistant is someone who works remotely to complete a task or a project.

Anyone can be a virtual assistant as long as they have a computer, internet access, and any other tools needed to complete their job.

Most of our virtual assistants are from the Philippines. However, we also have bilingual virtual assistants from Mexico and South America. We also have native English speakers from the US and Canada.

Virtual Assistants can pretty much do everything and anything that can be done virtually.

Virtual assistants can schedule appointments, assist with real estate settlements, oversee social media management, perform research, assist with due diligence, run comps, respond to emails, cold prospects, schedule showings, reach out to customers, write blog posts for you, and much more!

If you’re interested in our list of 98 tasks you can outsource to a virtual assistant, please send us an email!

It all depends on the virtual assistant’s experience level, their place of origin, the task they will be performing, and your budget. Not sure who to hire? No worries! Fill out the Contact Us form and we will walk you through the process.

The purpose of the upfront fee is to cover the cost of recruiting, onboarding, retention, replacement, and emergency response in case your virtual assistant becomes ill or is no longer able to perform his/her duties.

Yes, we can assign you a new VA at no additional cost to you if you’re not satisfied with their performance after 14 days.

We have trained virtual assistants in our team who are ready to complete your tasks.

All of our virtual assistant cold-callers are vetted and trained before you hire them. We will also provide you with a recording where you can hear their voice and you will have the opportunity to meet them during interviews.

If you’re interested in hiring one of our virtual assistants, please  fill out the contact us form or give us a call today!